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7244 Oil Pipe Connector Load


This is a resin oil pipe connector load that would look great on flatcars and gondolas or flatbed tractor trailers. This would also look good next to an oil pumping station or an oil derrick on your layout. This would work on HO and O scale layouts. This load is made by Chooch Enterprises.

14240 Ice Blocks Pack


This ice block pack is made to use with the icing station and the operating ice car. The pack contains 10 plastic ice blocks.

1948 Service Station Attendants


This is a package of service station attendant figures that are plastic. The package has 9 pieces and are highly detailed. The figures are made by Woodland Scenics and the scale is 1:87.


103 Steam Whistling Station

$32.00 $28.00

This is a plastic steam whistling station building kit. This kit is easy to assemble and with a push of a button you can have a steam engine whistle sound.

16859 Grand Central Terminal


This terminal is made from medium-density fiberboard with cast resin detailing and has frosted windows and doors with interior lighting. Not included but can be added 3 station platforms and sidings to the rear for loading and unloading passengers. There were only 250 made and it was made in the USA. It is currently in stock and we only have 1 left. The size is 31 1/2″ long, 18″ wide and 15 1/2″ high.


424012 AT&SF Caboose Yard Office

$80.00 $56.00

This AT&SF caboose yard office features overhead Stream Lighting illumination, an operating smoke unit with an on/off switch, a fully furnished interior and 6 figures. The yard office was made by K-Line.


49812 Am Flyer 755 Talking Station

$150.00 $120.00

This American Flyer 755 talking station was made by Lionel with modern digital technology. The microphone and speaker in this accessory allow you to become the station master. Record your own messages or broadcast live using the station’s speaker as your layout’s personal PA system.


12835 Diesel Fueling Station

$92.00 $68.00

This diesel fueling station is modeled after service facilities found in railroad yards or terminals in order to supply diesel locomotives with fuel oil and sand. A diesel locomotive is brought along side of the platform and brought to a stop.When the controller button is held down, the attendant comes out of the station, moves to the fuel pump, catches the fuel hose and takes it over the edge of the platform as if to fill the fuel tanks. The attendant then will repeat this motion until the control button is released. This piece was made by Lionel.

37829 Polar Express Station Platform


This is a Polar Express station platform that is plastic. This station platform has 2 frosted lights and is completely assembled. The station platform would go perfectly with your Polar Express set. The platform is made by Lionel.