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22983 180 Watt Powerhouse Power Supply


This is a 180 watt powerhouse power supply that is for O scale 3 rail layouts. This power supply is perfect for your Legacy powermaster or direct lockon. The powerhouse is made by Lionel.

81495 40 Watt Powermax Transformer


This is a AC 40 watt powermax transformer. This transformer provides up to 40 watts of power, easy to use controls including direction button, whistle/horn button and power indicator light. This transformer is made by Lionel.

40-1000 Z-1000 Hobby Transformer


This is a O Gauge Z-1000 transformer. This transformer has 100 watts of power, separate horn and bell buttons, direction button, power on lamp, manual reset circuit breaker and quick wire hookups. The transformer is made by MTH Trains.

AA370 Model Train Power Pack


This is a model train power pack for HO and N scale trains. This power pack has 300 degree speed control, advanced electronics, main line direction switch, circuit protector, A C terminals, pilot light and master on/off switch. This power pack has a total output of 18va. The power pack is made by MRC and is model number 1370.

12938 Powerstation-Powerhouse Set


This Powerstation Powerhouse Set has a lighted dial, whistle control, bell control and direction button. It has accessories fixed voltage and 18 volt adjustable power. This set was made by Lionel.

14295 Legacy Transformer


This is a O scale 3 Rail LEGACY Command set, which features the 991 Cab-2 remote controller and the 992 Command Base/Charger, the two pieces you need to get started. It only takes a simple one-wire connection to your layout. It has a built-in dock for recharging Cab-2 remote controller and it stores operating information and settings from your layout.

951 Transformer


This K-Line transformer is a 110 watts AC transformer with a 0-20v output. It has direction, whistle, and bell controls.

14181 TMCC Action Recorder Controller


Automate your entire layout with this Lionel Action Recorder Controller (ARC). Use your CAB-1 Remote Controller to perform any scenario on your layout, and the ARC will memorize every command. Record up to eight scenarios, then watch your layout come to life as the ARC plays back your recordings.

34120 TMCC Direct Lock-on


Connect your PowerHouse Power Supply directly to the track with the TMCC Direct Lockon. It features a selectable current setting (for both the 135 watt or 180 watt PowerHouses Power Supplies). The Direct Lockon eliminates the need for a PowerMaster if you run only TMCC equipped locomotives. For added safety, the Direct Lockon provides over-current protection and an automatic reset. It is compatible with both Lionel FasTrack and O/O27 track systems. It includes power wire with FasTrack connectors and one standard Lionel Lockon.

14111 153IR Controller


The Lionel 153IR controller sends an infrared signal across you track. When a passing train reflects the signal, the controller activates any connected accessory. This authentic track side structure features die cast construction and realistic details.