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1923100 U.S. Army Steam Starter Set


This is a O scale 3 rail U.S. Army steam starter set. The set has a 0-8-0 engine and tender, mint car, flat car w/ tank, caboose w/ searchlight, 8 36″ curve track, 2 10″ straight track, 1 10″ terminal section, 1 10″ plug expand play power lock on, transformer and a hand held remote. The engine has RC rail sounds that features steam chuffing, back ground sounds, whistle, bell and announcements, operating headlight, powerful maintenance free motor, puffing smoke and Bluetooth operation if desired. The cars are plastic with die cast sprung trucks. The flatcar has a plastic removable tank, and the caboose has interior illumination and manual operating searchlight. The track size is 36″X60″ oval. This set was made by Lionel in 2019.

83072 Pennsylvania Keystone Starter Set


This is a O scale 3 rail Pennsylvania Keystone starter set. The set has 0-8-0 engine and tender, 3 rolling stock cars, 40″x60″ oval of Fastrack and a Lion Chief remote controller. The engine is die cast and the tender is plastic with operating headlight, smoke unit, on/off for smoke and sounds and powerful maintenance free motor. The sound system is Railsounds RC that includes steam chuffing, back ground sounds,  whistle, bell and announcements. The cars included in set is a boxcar with opening side doors, illuminated searchlight car and caboose with interior illumination. The set is made by Lionel in 2018.

84490 Norfolk Southern First Responders Set


This is a O Scale Norfolk Southern First Responders train set. This set has a diesel engine, box car, tank car, flat car w/ helicopter, caboose, oval of track and a 54 watt power supply with remote. The engine features controlled by remote or Bluetooth, sound on/off switch, Rail Sounds, directional headlights, powerful dual motors and metal frame and handrails. The box car has opening side doors and die cast sprung trucks. The tank car has metal handrails and platform and die cast sprung trucks. The flat car has a RC helicopter and die cast sprung trucks. The helicopter has a alloy structure, 100-105 meter flying range, full function remote and is rechargeable. The caboose has interior illumination and die cast sprung trucks. This set is made by Lionel.


11004 NASCAR Set

$255.00 $200.00

This NASCAR set includes a GP38 diesel engine with transformer controlled forward, neutral and reverse operation, operating headlight and two powerful motors. It also has Train Sounds sound system with diesel engine revving, horn, bell, squealing brakes, and operator-controlled multipart crew dialog. The set also has a single dome tank car, boxcar, flatcar with removable billboards and a caboose. There is also enough FasTrack to make a 40 by 60 inch oval and a transformer.