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44580 18″ Radius Curve Track


This is Bachmann 18″ radius curve track. This track has nickel silver rails and grey plastic roadbed. You will need 12 pieces to make a full circle. The track should be screwed down for best results

6073 072 Remote Right Hand Switch


This is a O-72 right hand remote switch that has solid nickel silver rails and plastic ties. This switch has scale sized ties with accurate tie plate, spike and bolt details, metal frogs, switch machines can be placed in 3 positions and comes with all necessary wiring and hardware. The switch is made by Atlas Model Railroad Co.

6045 0-45 Full Curve Track


This is a O scale 3 rail 45″ radius curve track. You need 12 pieces to make a circle. This track has nickle silver rails with brown plastic ties and is highly detailed. For best results the track needs to be screwed down. This track is made by Atlas Model Railroad Co.